The city of fes is rightly considered as the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco. Its proudly rooted historical origins and its openness to the world give it this unique character where one escapes pleasantly. The many facets of the city. The city of fes was founded in 789 at the strategic heart of crossroads of trade routes, and rich and abundant natural resources. Successive waves of immigration Andalusia and Kairouan brought him, from its origins, a great cultural diversity.

Over the centuries, no less than three temporally distinct cities have united and evolved to form a city as we know it today: the original city of Fez El-Bali, that of Fez Jedid, founded in 1276 to shelter ramparts, as well as splendid palaces and gardens, and finally Fez the young, new city, built by the French at the time of the protectorate, where we find the administrative district. Located in the south it is the closest to the airport fes. The Medina of Fez and its medieval roots. Less than 15 kilometers from the fes airport, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world, which has survived the centuries keeping its own identity. By crossing the ramparts by one of the largest and most beautiful gates of the city: Bab Boujloud, made more than 800 years ago, one discovers then no less than 10 000 entirely pedestrian lanes, where intermingle cafes, bakeries , stalls and craft workshops with ancestral techniques in a fragrance of escape that takes us out of time. The time to take a refreshing break near the Nejjarine fountain, one of the most beautiful among hundreds of others, and the tumult of the citadel takes you back to culinary discoveries, visual and olfactory for the pleasure of the senses. So close and yet far from the bustle of the city, Jnan Sbil Garden seems to be a haven of peace with a tropical atmosphere, where birds nest in the heart of bamboo plantations. Finally, the majestic riads of fez rental, considered the most spacious and imposing of Morocco, will allow you to find a moment of tranquility in a sweet perfume elsewhere.

Fez, the « Lighthouse of tolerance ».

A city that has unified multiple cultures over time, Fez rental has universal value in the world.

The Al-Quaraouiyine University Mosque, founded in the 9th century, remains one of the oldest still operating in the world. It is the symbol of the golden age of the Arab world whose influence extended to the center of Europe.

The Madrasa Bou Inania founded around 1350 is the most famous of all the merinid madrasas of Fez and Morocco. It has the only minaret of the city and a magnificent hydraulic clock. At the same time school and mosque, it is one of the rare institutions accessible to the tourists.

In addition to the French Quarter, the Medina also has a Jewish quarter called Mellah, recognizable by its architecture. Visible to the maze of streets, the various origins that contributed to the design of Fez give it this multicultural character of great wealth.

The World Sacred Music Festival is held every year in the heart of the great city, bringing together artists from around the world in a spirit of tolerance and openness to various religions.